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The Beginning Band is open to all 6th grade students at both East and West Elementary, as
well as 7th and 8th grade students at Cullman Middle School. We Encourage ALL students
and Parents to sign up for our E-Newsletter to stay current with all the great things happening with the Beginning Band!

Cullman Middle School           

     Beginning Band

A Parent's Guide 


Enhancing Your Child's Musical Experiences


Congratulations! Your decision to provide your child witha music education and a quality musical instrument is an investment in your child's future. In making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument, you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and achievement. Like any skill, interest counts far more than talent. With the right support from you, playing music will become a natural part of your child's life.


- Encourage your child to play for family and friends

- Offer compliments and encouragment regularly

- Expose your child to a wide variety of music, including orchestral concerts, recitals, and musicals

- Encourage your child to consider private lessons

- Always make sure your child's instrument is in good proper working order

- Listen to your child practice and acknowledge improvement

- Try to get your child to make a minimu two-year commitment to their musical studies


- Use practice time as punishment

- Ridicule or make fun of mistakes or less-than-perfect playing

- Apologize to others for your child's weak performance

- Expect rapid progress and development in the beginning...good skills and practice habbits take time to develop

- Start your child on an instrument that is in poor working condition

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